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Freelance concept artist, focused on character design and storyboarding. BFA in concept and storytelling for animation. Industry experience in  TV animation, advertising, as well as illustration for literature, specializing in character acting.


Bento Box Entertainment
Junior Character Designer
October 2022 - January 2023, Atlanta
● Designed 200+ characters, drawn in ToonBoom Harmony for rigs over the course of employment, across three projects: "Pastacolypse", "Millennial Hunter", and "Big Bruh".
● Created and refined turnarounds, as well as illustrating special poses and props for animators to reference.

Vitro Agency
Junior Art Director/Storyboard Artist 
July 2017 - Present, San Diego (Seasonal)
● Storyboard artist behind commercials for clients Bosch Home Appliances, El Pollo Loco, Best Egg, Yaamava’ Casino, Astroglide, and an award-winning PSA for Protect the Joy.
● Focused on refining director vision for pitch decks, in order to visualize live-action sequences for client review.

Animal Farm Inc.
Character Designer
June 2022 - August 2022, San Diego
● Character designer and artist behind seven rig-ready character turnarounds, to be used on Free Range Imagination’s site. Gained experience in a more simplistic style friendly for indie projects.

The Pendant of Hyacinth 
July 2018 - November 2023, Remote
● Fantasy adventure trilogy independently written by me.
● Designed, self-published, and marketed with the help of a team of four that I personally recruited and lead.
● Sold 3,000+ copies of the trilogy since initial release on December 1st 2021.
● Available in Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart, and on Amazon, Kindle, Audible.

Speaking Opportunities
Interviewee, Presenter
May  2023 - Present, Remote
● On The Shelf Podcast: Gave insight on my writing and self-publishing process, as well as offering advice for young authors and artists on their own creative paths.
● Of the Publishing Persuasion: Detailed my inspiration, and how I translated a lifetime of animated influence into the novel format when creating The Pendant of Hyacinth.
● SCAD: Introductory Speaker at SCAD Animation Fest.

Animated Short Film Projects
Storyboard Artist/Character Artist/Animator
January 2021 - Present, SCAD
● Co-Director on "Chelita, Como Me Duele Quererte". Spearheaded the animatic phase, consulted on story, supervised all animation and taught Harmony to team members.
● Storyboard Revisionist on Austin Film Festival Selection "Panic", responsible for refining character acting in direct collaboration with the director.
● Art Director and Lead Character Artist on "Donut Look Up", pushing the comedic tone through graphic, nostalgic design cues within the cast/color script.
● Lead Character Artist on "Brave The Skies", in charge of character turnarounds, expression sheets, and hand/body action sheets.
● Character Design Unifier and Animation on "Out of Order", translating preliminary team designs to the official style of the film.
● Storyboard Revisionist on "Bunny to the Moon" and "Beyond", assisting board artists with refining acting and composition for heightened emotional effect.
● Color Scripter on "Taxi!", "The Enchanting Locket" and "Goat Mouth", distinguishing the palette of fantastical sequences from the mundane.
● Rough Animator on "Priceless Proposal", "Sword of Set", and "Kitty".
● Cleanup Animator on "Belch" and "Jeepney".
● Social Media Manager on "Have You Eaten?", devising a promotion strategy building to the film’s release.
● Storyboard Artist and Rough Animator on "Die for my Baby".

Software: ToonBoom Harmony,  Storyboard Pro,  SyncSketch,  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe InDesign, Procreate.
English (Fluent) and Spanish (Conversational)
Character Design
2D Animating (Traditional and Rig)
Public Speaking
Social Media Marketing

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) 
B.F.A. in Animation: Concept and Storytelling
September 2020 - June 2024
● Advanced storyboarding,  figure drawing, and acting education, to enhance concept art portfolio work.

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