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For the Austin Film Festival selected 2023 short film, "Panic", I refined character acting, and clarified the style of abstraction for Xenia's panic attack.

"Escape The Fortress"
Wayward astronaut Bowie Campbell is on the run from his alien captor, but he's having trouble making sense of the extraterrestrial fortress's floorplan. 

"Nightmare Battle"
A fight sequence from my original book series "The Pendant of Hyacinth",  between protagonist Thalia Fae and one of the massive beasts called Nightmares.

The dual-timeline tale of a knight revisiting a desolate battlefield, and the doomed love of the king and queen that once ruled over the ravaged land. 

"Pup the Question"
Hoping to warm his lady's heart before popping the big question, a gentleman employs the cute factor of a fluffy companion; he never imagined the little pup would steal her heart entirely, and perhaps his wallet along with it. 

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