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"Brotherhood of Man" - Musical
Best viewed with music, this "Mulan" themed storyboard is set to the song "Brotherhood of Man" from "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"!

"Gold and Gossamer" - Action
I loved exploring how two characters would fight when, though evenly matched, one preferred ranged combat and the other preferred hand-to-hand!

"Yoga Class" - Comedy
Sharon Davis attends her new town's mediocre yoga class, only to meet a local weirdo who pulls her into a particularly unusual multi-level marketing scheme.

"Panic" - Drama
For the Austin Film Festival selected 2023 short film, "Panic", I refined character acting, and clarified the style of abstraction for Xenia's panic attack.

"Windswept" - Action
A friendly gust of wind on an airborne journey, from the mountains to the seaside, pauses her travels to help a little boy learn to fly his kite for the first time!

"From Stone to Sand" - Dialogue
Skeptical Eun and passionate Kia discuss the fate of their planet, the moon's past, and a friend long gone.

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