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Character Through Color

The gallery below approaches the dynamic of two original characters Taniya and Dante as they confront each other, their own differences, as well as their unexpected commonalities. Through a mix of iridescent light and stark darkness, I use color script inspired methods to illustrate an eye-catching, thought provoking overture of two individuals learning their philosophies align more than they think. Swipe through for more insight on how I approached each piece within the series!

Background Development for Chelita, Como Me Duele Quererte

Though this was not the final look we chose to move forward with for our senior film, this was an experiment I did during the concept art phase of upcoming animated short Chelita, Como Me Duele Quererte, which is set in 1910s Central Mexico. Though we had already committed to the cine de oro look, with grain, vignette, and monochromatic palette designed to accentuate light over local value, we were still playing with how rigid our perspective ought to look. This was a wobbly pass we ultimately moved on from.

Chelita Background Concept Art
Chelita Background Concept Art

The Layers of The Subconscious Forest

Visual development for the surreal dream world that the protagonists explore during the majority of the upcoming final installment of my written novel trilogy, The Pendant of Hyacinth. Five of these exploratory illustrations became backgrounds in the animated trailer I produced to promote the upcoming release. Emphasis was on the shift from warm to cold light, while maintaining a forested feeling even as those colors and light sources become more unnatural. I also push the feelings of confinement versus an expansive beyond.

Promotional Posters for Book Two

Something a bit different, but being my own marketing team, I'm in charge of more than just writing my books! This is a short series of posters I made for the second installment of The Pendant of Hyacinth. These were a huge success on Instagram, and got a lot of the fans excited and theorizing about what the continuation of the story was about to reveal! I'm excited to make more for Book Three.

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