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Gold and Gossamer


Project Summary
"Gold and Gossameris currently being developed. Though in its early stages, I already have a library of concept art to show for it, with an emphasis on environment that many of my other projects do not have as their main focus. Humans and fairies have clashed for centuries, with magic posing a formidable "unknown" that threatens the fragile peace of humankind. 500 years after the historically detrimental Winged War, a precarious balance rests on the shoulders of two key monarchs: the mysterious and unpredictable Fairy Queen, and her self-proclaimed nemesis the Mage King. Though mages may have turned the tide of the Winged War long ago, making it possible for humans to survive it, their ability to use magic: "the stuff of fairies", makes other kingdoms wary of them regardless. Anxious to prove once and for all that magic can be used for good, for humans, King Dante travels to Fairyland, confronts Queen Taniya, and opens a Pandora's box he's not prepared to close. 

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